About Us

Here at Second Street Medical Spa we pride ourself in using the latest technology and products to help your body work for you naturally, by rejuvenating your collagen using minimally invasive procedures and the introduction of stem cells for various cell line regeneration. The results is always a younger “YOU” and not surgically altered features where you can always tell. We offer many services from laser hair removal and mini face lifts to vaginal tightening and reconstruction, and laser liposuction.

We are dedicated to making our patients feel and look great with no pain of major surgery. Most procedures improve your body cell capability to regenerate and build younger tissues, with most of the treatments still working months afterwards. For more permanent and augmented results we offer monthly memberships where you can perfect and maintain results indefinitely.

We are opening this new company for the cosmetic world because we see men and women everyday who want to look as young as they feel but do not want to go through the pain and time of a massive surgery. Here we can offer such procedures as liposuction with an incision that is only less than a half inch, and you can go back to most of your activities the same day; with a recovery time frame typically being procedure on Friday, back to work on Monday.